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Rick Garson

As the founder of VX Entertainment, Rick Garson works to create, develop, produce, and own global media properties.

The company is mainly focused on China and its relation to the world, as Rick Garson has lived in China since 2013. Some of the most well-known initiatives Rick Garson has produced through VX Entertainment are Attraction, a production held in Bird’s Nest (Beijing National Stadium), and 2008 Beijing Olympics “Divas in Beijing” global concert TV series of five concerts.
A longtime innovator in entertainment, Rick Garson created VX Entertainment to provide the strong content that new technological outlets need. Rick Garson is currently building the first showroom that will encompass all of the cutting-edge technology available to entertainment, including virtual reality headsets and hologram stages.

Rick Garson founded ZZYX on similar principles as those of VX Entertainment: there are “Four Screens” (live events, television, the internet, and wireless) through which consumers can be reached, and it is important to tap into and expand upon all of the technological tools of the next generation of media. Through VX Entertainment, Rick Garson continues to grow and perfect his outreach in numerous outlets for multimedia.

A seasoned executive who has worked in film, television, sports, and music, Rick Garson is highly experienced in communicating across numerous channels. Rick Garson was one of the first industry executives to implement brand integration into TV shows. Rick Garson has headed highly original groundbreaking multimedia concepts and is particularly interested in virtual reality. Rick Garson is currently collaborating with the Ministry of Health in China on a surgical educational project for patients and physicians alike.

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Rick has done promotions or production for artists including:

Michael Jackson
Celine Dion
Avril Lavigne
Alicia Keys
The Rolling Stones
Maroon 5


Sam Smith
Kanye West
Whitney Houston
Britney Spears
Justin Timberlake
Bruce Springsteen
John Legend
Justin Bieber

Jay Z
Paul McCartney
Eric Clapton
Garth Brooks
Miley Cyrus
Katy Perry
Steven Tyler