Artificial intelligence has evolved substantially in recent years, however, the capabilities of the technology fall short of the promises of the past. Still, the technology has progressed, helping individuals and businesses accomplish more while improving quality and accuracy.

Now that many people have experienced AI in the present, they may naturally want to know what the future holds. The following predictions aim to help everyone understand where artificial intelligence will be ten years from now.

Self-Learning Systems
Progress in the field of machine learning will continue, resulting in machines that learn by themselves. For this reason, AI’s will have the capability to create content rather than merely analyze it. For this reason, the future may see such creativity in diverse forms such as video games and college curricula.

Hypothesis Engines
As AIs become smarter, they will have the ability to analyze situations and recommend appropriate responses. For example, in the healthcare industry, these systems will use all available data points to diagnose patients with a level of precision that doctors could never achieve on their own.

An Intelligent Internet
In ten years, people will have migrated from simple AI-powered search assistants to an internet that manages entire ecosystems for its users. In addition to providing requested services, the AI-powered internet will coordinate the provision of content and collaboration with the operation of myriad connected devices and systems and AIs.

Unlimited Potential
So far, limitations on computational power have restrained the growth of AI technology. However, new systems already exist demonstrate how multiple computers can power a single AI. The future of AI will expand on this, using distributed and quantum computing technologies to provide AIs with unlimited power.

Potential Abuses
Already, AI technology has sparked a controversial wave of censorship by global corporations. As AI systems become more powerful, the risk of abuse will grow even greater than it is now. So, while everyone focuses on the potential of AI to positively impact the world, they should also beware that bad actors can use the technology to control and oppress humanity.

In conclusion, in 10 years, the world will be much different, thanks to artificial intelligence. By then, the technology will have revolutionized every aspect of human life. Still, only a fraction of its unlimited potential will be known.