With smart technology gaining significant momentum in recent years, more industries are quickly discovering the diverse opportunities that technology brings to them. The capabilities that smart technology has is unparalleled and has the potential to help bring industries around the world to the next level. With so many benefits to using smart technology, countless industries including education, entertainment, and real estate, are finding ways to utilize new, innovative technology. One of the areas of smart technology that has seen a considerable spike in popularity are immersive showrooms.

What Is An Immersive Showroom?

Immersive showrooms use the latest advances in technology to create interactive, hands-on exhibits that can specifically be touched by people. What makes immersive showrooms so exciting are their ability to provide visitors with a more realistic and well-founded understanding of a given topic or industry. Technology that is commonly used in showrooms includes mixed reality, 3D glasses, holograms, and live streaming services, with many more technologies being incorporated each year. Immersive showrooms give visitors the opportunity to learn and interact through technology that brings the physical and digital spaces together in real time.

What else makes immersive showrooms so exciting exactly? To begin, many technologies are used to create the best possible experience through more interactive, 3D projections. As an innovator in entertainment technology, VX Entertainment was immediately impressed by the potential that an immersive showroom brings for both technology and education as whole. This curiosity eventually led VX Entertainment to create the world’s largest immersive showroom that includes all of the latest technology in one place. Altogether, the immersive showroom from VX Entertainment uses holograms, mixed reality, augmented reality, glasses-free 3D, motion capture, live streaming, 7D interactive experiences, gestural walls, and projection to create the most exciting experience possible.

One of the compelling exhibits that the showroom features is an interactive sandbox. Using an augmented reality projector, the exhibit allows viewers to play with the sand while learning more about the topic itself. The sand that visitors can play within the exhibit is also lined with sensors that detect changes and can adjust the augmented reality projection automatically, making it seem realistic. This can not only attract visitors to the showroom, but it can also improve the way that we learn in the future.

By incorporating new, cutting edge technologies into the immersive showroom, VX Entertainment is helping to drive the future of technology using a more interactive, hands-on approach. With such a wide scope of capabilities, industries around the world are beginning to explore the different ways that smart technology can offer.