The holographic box is a box that presents your product in a spectacular new way! 

With the Holobox you can create a virtual world around your product. In this world, everything is possible through a special technique we create the illusion of a hologram. This hologram can interact with your product. This will make it seem like your product, presented in the box, is part of the animation. This gives a very interesting experience that makes your product stand out. Wherever the Holobox is placed, people will stop and watch. This gives your product the attention it deserves. 

VX Entertainment Hologram 1

The Possibilities

The Holobox is easy to set up and requires little maintenance. Almost any place can be adorned by this box including shopping windows, shops, fairs, festivals, and more.  The content is created as desired. With Holobox you can highlight your product 24 hours a day, hired or bought.

What can a Holobox do for you?

  • A guaranteed eye-catcher.
  • Brings up the highlights of your product
  • Your potential customers are entertained by the Holo Box while they get to know your product.
  • Simple and quick to install at almost any location.
  • Vision2Watch uses only the best materials and parts for your project.
  • Durable
  • Available from 15.6 to 50 inches, larger on request.

Gives You More Choices

The Hologram box, which displayed the 4K hologram content about 5G made by VX Entertainment in 2019 China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), had been greatly appreciated by both the visitors and the companies. 

VX Entertainment Hologram 2

The Hologram box can be multifunctional for achieving a variety of effects in different sizes. In this sense, companies now tend to customize their Hologram box for company display. In May 2019, VX entertainment, together with China Unicom, produced a 4K video about Belt and Road Initiative in the era of 5G, and displayed it on a hologram box, interpreting not only the concept of Belt and Road Initiative but also the new techs, such as hologram, Projection-Mapping, AR and VR. In the 4th edition of Cloud Expo Asia, Hong Kong, VX Entertainment and China Unicom once again cooperated to create and display the 3D model of China Unicom (Hong Kong) Global Center. 

Amaze Your Eyes

The amazing experiences gained from the hologram, especially through the Hologram box, features high-resolution visual effects, stereoscopic view, and realistic sense. Today the Hologram box has been more and more widely used in company showcase, such as product introduction in industrial exhibitions, through which manner the attention and interests of viewers, and potential clients, can be closely grasped. In April 2019, in cooperation with China Unicom, VX Entertainment present its 4K Showcase Video by use of hologram box in China Unicom Global Partners Conference 2019.

VX Entertainment Hologram 3Hologram box can present almost every detail of the product in high definition. Compared with the traditional LCD, the Hologram box brings an unprecedented visual experience to the users and make it more impressive, scrupulous, and joyous for apprehending the concept of the products.