Hologram records and reproduces the 3D images of real objects. Viewers do not need to wear any equipment (VR headset), nor do they need any hardware (pad) or software (APPs) to see the 1:1 restored 3D image. It can also display 3D dynamic images of real people, virtual people or 3D models on the stage. For example, by using holographic projection technology to reproduce the 3D images of late singers, like Teresa Teng or Michael Jackson, to interact with the real people and complete the performance together, which will show out impressive audio-visual effects of traversing time and space on the stage in both fantastic and realistic manner.

Hologram has penetrated various industries in many forms, such as new product releases, stage interaction, F&B, performance, and exhibitions. It has also been used by tech companies to upgrade and renovate venues, update safety education experience centers, build holographic Hotel catering, make holographic projection weddings, etc. The combination of super creativity and technology, cross-industry element cooperation, will show the new effect for the experiencer to bring a unique shocking effect.

In 2017, VX Entertainment customized the hologram stage and 3D projection mapping for the Annual Summit for Wyndham Hotels and Resorts® in China. In the same year, VX Entertainment also created the hologram content and provided tech support for the live streaming hologram for Creative Friends Group Meetup. In 2018, VX team built the first interactive experience sales center of its kind for Jinan Vanke, which features hologram, 3D mapping and interactive projection in its sandbox display, house type introduction, and concept presentation. 

With the coming of the 5G era, hologram content will be more widely adopted, especially through the manner of hologram box. Hologram box, also called holographic box or Holobox, is a box that presents your product in a spectacular new way. With the Holobox you can create a virtual world around your product. In this world everything is possible Through a special technique we create the illusion of a hologram. This hologram can interact with your product. This will make it seem like your product, presented in the box, is part of the animation.

At the Hologram Sandbox in Jinan Vanke Sales Center,  visitors can see the 3D model of the building, and operate on the screen behind the sandbox to search for more specific information, like making gestures such as clicking, stretching and dragging.

VX Entertainment combines Hologram Sandbox with Hologram Box to present amazing effects.

Hologram makes the space alive by creating various visual effects and motion graphics with which real persons are also able to interact. In this manner, man-machine interactive experience can be provided for clients to know related information as they want and even beyond their imagination. Moreover, different sizes of screens can be used for better customizing the tastes and needs of different company clients.

Hologram box can display and virtually disassemble products in an all-round way, and be moved around.

In April 2019, in cooperation with China Unicom, VX Entertainment present its 4K Showcase Video by use of hologram box in China Unicom Global Partners Conference 2019. In May 2019, VX entertainment, together with China Unicom, produced a 4K video about Belt and Road Initiative in the era of 5G, and displayed it on a hologram box, interpreting not only the concept of Belt and Road Initiative, but also the new techs, such as hologram, Projection Mapping, AR and VR. In 4th edition of Cloud Expo Asia, Hong Kong, VX Entertainment and China Unicom once again cooperated to create and display the 3D model of China Unicom (Hong Kong) Global Center. 

By virtue of good visual effects and stereoscopic effects, hologram box has been widely used among companies for product display. It can be dramatically attractive in drawing visitors’ attention not just in company showroom but in various exhibition

For company promo and sales campaign, hologram box is a marvelous means to make your clients deeply and intuitively know about your products, and a brand-new medium for them to see, hear and sense the project, not just in high definition but also in a funny way.