Mixed reality is one of the most recent developments in the world of technology, and it is quite a success. The technology involves combining the real world with virtual worlds to create new environments and visualizations, resulting in a place where physical and digital objects coexist and interact in real time. There are two types of technologies that incorporate mixed reality: one that starts in the real world and one that begins in the virtual world.

Mixed Reality Starting in the Real World

This technology not only allows users to experience virtual objects in the real world, but they can interact with them as well. The user remains in the real world, while digital objects are overlaid in the real world.

Mixed Reality Starting in the Virtual World

The user is fully immersed in a digital world in this form of Mixed Reality, blocking out the real world. The difference between this technology and virtual reality is the objects in the virtual world overlap the objects in the real world, unlike virtual reality where there is no anchor or connection to the real world.

Beginning this technological adventure in China allowed for a bridge of cultural and work-style differences to come together, and I foresee Mixed Reality to expand beyond the entertainment industry. The continued development of these technologies in the entertainment industry is almost a natural progression, but I also anticipate the technology expanding in real estate, health care, education, and luxury goods in China.

Simply using your smartphone, Mixed Reality will equip users with the ability to visualize how a dress or a hat would look on their person, and so much more. With 5G coming to China and being among the first to launch it, Mixed Reality will give people the opportunity and drive to purchase items they never previously purchased, or even considered, before. 5G, the next generation of wireless technology, will provide much faster, more reliable internet connections with low latency, ultimately, providing new opportunities in the realm of technology.

Rick Garson is the founder of VX Entertainment, a technology-based company located in Beijing, China, focused on creating, developing, producing, and owning global media properties.