musician-entrepreneurs-rick-garsonBelieve it or not, but the amazingly talented individuals who sell out arenas and perform for us aren’t merely outdoing themselves in their respective fields. There are some who have opted to use their stardom to endorse and sponsor business endeavors. Superstar, such as Beyonce, Sammy Hagar, and Gene Simmons demonstrate that their still there’s enough time on the clock to go on tour, go platinum, and lead a business. However, the aforementioned showstoppers aren’t the only entrepreneurs.


Good Charlotte’s Benji and Joel launched a clothing line titled “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous,” named after their song. They then began their MADE Clothing company in 2005, later renamed DCMA Collection. The clothing and hat company is extremely popular among celebrities and fans. The twins even once had a store open in Los Angeles.


As of June 2016, sources estimated that Beyonce’s net worth was as high as $450 million. She and her mother launched the clothing line House of Deréon, a contemporary clothing line inspired by three generations of women in her family. She and her mother also founded Beyond Production. She also created a number of junior fashion lines in Brazil and beyond, and she signed a deal to launch the activewear clothing line Ivy Park with British fashion retailer TopShop.


Sammy Hagar has been a businessman since the early 90s. He bought a mountain store, built another bike store called Sausalito Cyclery. He owns a nightclub and restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, as well as another in Lake Tahoe and Fresno. In 2009, he opened “Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill” in St. Louis, and just one year later he opened a beach bar in Atlantic City. More than that, he owns bars in Hawaii and California. Also, he owns restaurants in Mill Valley and El Paseo.


Kanye West is quite the business savvy entrepreneur.  In 2004, he founded the label and construction company GOOD music, working with artists like John Legend, Teyana Taylor, Mos Def, Q-Tip, Travis Scott and many more. He opened several Fatburger restaurants throughout the Chicagoland area, he established the creative content company DONDA, and he’s the active co-owner of the music streaming company Tidal.


Gwen Stefani launched the fashion line L.A.M.B. in 2004. The clothing line took from Guatemalan, Japanese, and Jamaican styles. The next year, she launched expensive merchandising line, Harajuku Lovers. She went on to sell dolls, undergarments, and phone charms. In 2014, Stefani announced plans to produce an animated series inspired by the Harajuku Girls. Stefani also released a number of perfumes.


Gene Simmons is incredibly successful at merchandising KISS products -he has approximately 2,500 licensing deals. He’s also had a lucrative publishing career, which included launching his own magazine, books, and television shows. Also, during the late 70’s he signed a management/production contract with the band Van Halen, though he was unable to secure a record deal for them. For two years, he served in a marketing and publicity capacity for the Indy Racing League.

Please look to the second piece on musician-entrepreneurs, which will further reveal some of the greatest entrepreneurs to sing, perform, or rap onstage.

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