14 of the Most Successful Musician-Entrepreneurs - Rick GarsonThis article is a continuation of “Savvy Musicians: Some of the Greatest Musicians/Entrepreneurs.”


The U2 frontman Bono has undertaken several business ventures. During the early 90s, he purchased a hotel with bandmate Edge. He renovated the two-star hotel, transforming it into a five-star luxury mecca. He also founded Elevation Partners, which is a private equity firm that focuses on intellectual property. Elevation has supported a number of projects, investing over a billion dollars into several opportunities.


The late great David Bowie outpaced others with regards to music and business. In the late 90s, David Bowie launched a technology company and internet service provider. Just a few years later, the business leader began his own record company. Additionally, he created a non-traditional art gallery and used his own website to promote other artists. He was a prime example of what a perfect marriage of creative and entrepreneur looked like.


Jenny from the block has likely accumulated enough wealth to purchase that block 100 times over. The singer/dancer has a net worth of $300 million. She enjoys a successful business career that’s comprised of numerous clothing lines, a production company, fragrances, a charitable foundation, television shows, and other ventures. Along with being one of the highest paid Latin entertainers of all time, she’s one the best-selling artist of all time.


Madonna’s net worth is $1 billion. The successful artist can credit her business intelligence for some of her wealth. She’s developed a number of fashion brands, including Boy Toy, Inc, Webo Girl Publishing, Inc., Maverick, Semtex Girls, Hard Candy Fitness, and Truth or Dare by Madonna. The original pop queen also released a number of books.


Justin Timberlake has been an avid entrepreneur since 1998. He’s opened a number of successful restaurants, including the NYC establishment, Southern Hospitality. He also launched a clothing line with Bloomingdales, he started his own record label, Tennman Records; and he’s used his influence to support newcomers.


In 2002, Moby cofounded a Manhattan teashop with ex-girlfriend Kelly Tisdale called TeaNY. The vegan teahouse remained open until 2015. The teashop featured 100 types of tea and he expanded the company by partnering with Knight Beverages to create a line of bottled iced tea. Prior to closing, Moby left his role as a company owner to focus on music, charity, political causes, and friends.  Moby also licenses his songs for commercial usage.


Sean Combs has an incredible business career. Year after year he’s named among the nation’s top entrepreneurs, and as of 2015, he’s estimated net worth was $735. He started the clothing line Sean John, he launched a men’s perfume, he’s opened tow restaurants, he acquired the Enyce clothing line from Liz Claiborne, he gained major equity stake in Revolt TV, and he purchased majority holding in Aquahydrate.


Dr. Dre, born Andre Romelle Young, boosted his net worth to $650 million by selling Beats Electronics to Apple for $3 billion. Before he sold headphones, he launched numerous lines of headphones, including Heartbeats by Lady Gaga. He’s considered the richest man in Hip-hop. He also produced the biographical film about N.W.A.

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