Finding interesting items is easy, but trying to tie together interior design can be much more difficult. There are many factors that go into designing a room and it’s hard to say how all these great items will look once they’re put together. That’s why IKEA created a virtual reality immersive showroom experience. 

IKEA Immersive Showroom Experience is available for download on the Oculus Store. It allows the consumer to switch between products and color schemes with ease so the desired look of a room can be easily achieved. Room designs can be saved and purchased directly from the VR experience to ensure everything purchased is what’s being seen through the VR headset. There’s no losing with this innovative new shopping tool. 

Interior design becomes easy when the finished product can be viewed before purchasing a single thing. Immersive Showroom Experience allows for sharing designs with others to show off personal creations or ensure everyone in the home is satisfied with the vision. Save rooms to compare options so the entire household can find the best option for their preferences. 

The combinations are endless. Use IKEA’s entire stockroom to make a personal showroom. It makes placing furniture easier upon arrival and ensures the accents and furniture flow perfectly unlike anything that was available prior to this innovative new showroom experience. 

Endless helpful features are included in this experience, like the ability to change the lighting to ensure the room looks just right at all times. Fabrics and coloration can quickly be swapped to meet everyone’s wants and needs. Panorama view is available for the entire room can be viewed in the most realistic way possible. The room can be seen as a whole as opposed to small chunks. Better than in person showrooms as this experience is catered to the individual creating it. 

Purchase everything needed to achieve that beloved look with ease and never have to worry about interior design perfection again. The whole family is sure to love creating this dream room experience as there are pieces designed for every room, occasion, and style. Know what’s coming before it arrives when downloading this useful tool conveniently from the Oculus Store.