In today’s society, we are connected with multiple forms of entertainment from technology, from live concerts to things like television and video games. We have seen a significant evolution with these entertainment platforms, and are only becoming more advanced, thanks to the Internet of Things, a new but highly innovative form of technology. Knowing that these will only continue to influence various parts of our lives, it is important to gain a stronger understanding of how entertainment will evolve in the coming years.

The Evolution Of Video Games
The first video game was created in 1958, when the concept for a simple tennis game was released on a computer. Since then, video games have encountered a significant evolution. Not only does one have the ability to play a game with nearly life-like graphics, but games can now be played in numerous ways, including by using one’s body or controlling the game with a controller while communicating with other players around the world. According to BBN Times, the capabilities of these video games will only continue to evolve, with better technology and ways to virtually interact in the game.

Better Ways to Measure Trends
As we are exposed to more forms of entertainment, including new shows and movies, experts are consistently working to better measure the success of it all. For example, streaming services like Hulu and Netflix have found a way to better understand both who is watching different shows, and how long and often they are streaming it. Using this information allows them to better understand what audiences are most attracted to. In the future, this will only become more precise.

More Capabilities With Concerts & Festivals
For anyone who has had the opportunity to experience modern concerts or festivals, they know that the evolution of technology has had a profound effect on the industry. From advanced light shows to videos that use virtual reality, the entertainment industry as a whole has seen a positive trend with technology. Moving forward, music fans can expect to see more ways to interact during concerts and festivals.

Like most other industries in today’s workforce, the entertainment industry continues to be upgraded by leading IT experts.This will not only provide more capabilities of things like concerts and video games, but it will provide better, more interactive entertainment in the future.