Virtual reality and augmented reality, despite how long they’ve come, may not be the most useful technological breakthroughs of this decade, but they are an incredible tool. There are also products making use of VR and AR technology that make great gifts for the holiday season.

These two new forms of media haven’t quite changed the world yet, but given enough time, we could see augmented and virtual reality in our everyday lives. Jump ahead of the curb and see how these two forms of media have already changed the world and what they offer.

How is Augmented Reality Changing the Holidays?
Community engagement is enhanced by augmented reality. You may have seen augmented reality shows on social media or even in person. Filters, like the ones on Facebook and Snapchat, are also a form of augmented reality. Filters have been released to bring the Holiday spirit to our timelines. Snowmen, Santa, and elves are just a few of the most recent filters that everyone can make use of.

LEGO has also released an app called AR Studio. This app allows children to play with a virtual LEGO set. We’ll have to keep watching LEGO see if they have anything special planned for the Holiday season. ComplexCon also saw Adidas make use of augmented reality. As part of a campaign to sell new, limited-edition sneakers, Adidas used augmented reality to play images of the shoe around the convention.

Gifts for the Holidays
Until this year it has been difficult to purchase a virtual reality rig for a friend. Virtual reality headsets required either a very strong PC or a PlayStation 4 to use, so unless you were willing to churn out the big bucks, you had to settle for Google Cardboard or a similar device, which are sub-par compared to the more expensive headsets.

There is only one thing that changes with the Oculus GO. It doesn’t require a PC to use, it doesn’t work with the PS4, and it doesn’t even require a phone to be slid behind the lenses. These headsets, due to their low cost and ease-of-access, will likely be all over the place this year.

Companies are using virtual reality to promote their brands, move units, and engage with customers, but we still haven’t got to the full potential that virtual reality and augmented reality can offer.