8-Striking-Facts-About-Your-Google’s-Daydream-View-Headset-Rick-GarsonGoogle doesn’t want to give you just another headset. Afterall, they’ve already made the Google Cardboard, which is extremely affordable and accessible. No, they’re interested in giving you and all mobile users with a vested interest in virtual reality a new VR experience that utilizes Google’s very own viewer hardware.

Google has done a bit more than introducing a savvy platform that can be used in tandem with Android devices. They’re now developing Daydream View into an all-in-one hub for VR content, and attempting to lead the game when comes to the development of exciting headsets that can teleport users.

Read on to learn striking things about the Daydream:

  • The Daydream View allows users front-row consumption of their favorite concerts. Rather than watching the event on-screen, the device allows a more involved experience, and you’ll feel like you’re there!
  • The concept of entering historical landmarks remotely has been renewed thanks to the Daydream View. Google has partnered with operators of leading landmarks to collect footage from places, such as the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids, permitting remote visitation.
  • Users can immerse themselves in the stories that they love to watch in the theater and on their television. Supported by Netflix and YouTube, the Daydream facilitates total enrollment in the moviegoer experience.
  • Spectator sports can be observed from the sidelines. Whether it’s opening day for your favorite baseball team or the energetic NBA playoffs, you can watch as if you paid for season tickets.
  • The controller, which sold alongside the device, can be affixed to your headset so you don’t misplace it!
  • The Daydream will be right there to help users cast spells virtually as Google teams with Warner Brothers to develop a “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” video game. Likely, they’ll collaborate to create more games in the future.
  • The app Ocean Rift allows users an opportunity to explore the undersea world.
  • Venturing into the world of stand alone VR, Google will soon develop devices that require no phone or connection to a computer. They’ve partnered with HTC VIVE and Lenovo, leaders in VR and mobile computing, to create two pieces of virtual equipment that will allow you to anything from watching your favorite television show to virtually attending a rock concert.

If you’d like to know more about the Daydream platform or Google’s Daydream View, please reach out!

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